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Free award-winning national training course subsidised by Money Saving Expert Charity! 

Made of Money – gaining control of your financial future

All families, big and small, face challenges around money. As a parent carer you have constant pressure on your finances, having to meet expectations and demands from your children such as pocket money, school
expenses and additional costs of disability. It’s not always easy to find the time and space to make the subject of money, and its challenges, part of your family life and your kids’ understanding.
Confidence with your money and finances is more than just increasing savings and spending less.

Made of Money works with parent carers to make the issues around money engaging and fun.

Made of Money provides coaching and resources that help build practical skills for financial confidence, while focusing on the personal values, emotions and pressures which impact our decision making.

“I feel many more people are in the same boat.”
“I would never expect to save money every week!”
“I feel more confident to deal with banks and other organisations about money and my financial situation”. 

What you will gain:

Insights into your beliefs, values and attitudes about money.

Confidence in money management and planning ahead.

Undersatnding of the importance of communication inside and outside the family home on money management.

Ideas on how to take action on financial problems.

Join the award winning Made of Money course for parents and carers, focusing on skills, communication and behaviour and transform your life!