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Most of us like to know what is happening and when. For many children with additional needs their anxiety is heightened as they struggle to understand what is happening and in what order.
Tune in with your child; communication, motivation, beat frustration! workshop gives participants an opportunity to

Explore different ways to communicate.
Explore the impact on young people who cannot communicate their needs.
Watch a demonstration of using puppets and ideas that can motivate and make learning fun.
Explore how to use a child’s interest to enable them to access different areas of the curriculum.
Share ideas and experiences with other participants. 

All ideas in the workshop are influenced by what motivates a child. Tapping into the knowledge about a child, thinking about what they are interested in, however unconventional it may seem, will open new ways to communicate.

 Thinking outside the box is the key!

'It was really important to help me to relook at non-verbal cues and question behaviour, understand having fun, getting a different perspective and using everyday objects to make things interesting'
'Sue's experience as a parent really contributes to the workshops she runs'
'I am feeling more confident about how to communicate with my child'