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Do you feel isolated and unsupported when your child displays challenging behaviour?
Do you find it difficult to communicate your child’s needs to those that are supporting them?
Break your isolation, share your skills, knowledge and creativity and learn from other parents who have experienced similar situations.
Become part of a Solution Circle

Solution Circles are structured and facilitated circles of support. Each circle requires a person (focus person) to present their ‘stuck issue’ to a group and be willing to listen and have dialogue around the group’s ideas. 
The Focus person has an opportunity to choose any of the ideas that feel relevant and doable.  At the end of a session, the focus presenter will have 2 or 3 ideas to move forward with. The circle is carefully facilitated by two trained members of Parents in Partnership.

Below is a clip of Derek Wilson describing the process of Solution Circles;


How can I take part in a Solution Circle and what can I expect?

From September we are running a solution circle every month where the focus is around understanding and managing behaviour. The sessions will be interactive, structured and facilitated, yet we strive for the tone to be informal, supportive and confidential. Two facilitators support the circle and a visual representation of the solution circle is made. They are effective in getting “unstuck” from a problem in life, equipping parents with tools, ideas and strategies ready to take home!

Below is a link to Sue, one of our family support workers feeding back on the training we had to run Solution Circles