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 Do you struggle to feel heard, to get your point across or to untangle the multitude of issues you may have in order to prioritise them?
The ability to understand and communicate your needs and wants to others is a skill all people need.
Those who are skilled at self-advocacy are more likely to have a sense of control over their lives and feel more confident and competent.
This sense of confidence and competence inspires people to a greater level of self-determination.

During this workshop you will:
• Learn skills that will be of value to develop in order to effectively support your child in school, at home and in the community;
• Gain insight into your own strengths and realise your limitations;
• Understand the concept of self-advocacy and how it can work for you;
• Be able to prioritise issues and prepare for meetings or telephone conversations so that you feel in control and less overwhelmed;
• Learn how to set realistic outcomes. 

‘I found this course very useful – it was really good to interact with other parents and learn from them. The presenter was a true professional – she explained everything so that everyone could understand’
‘Useful, insightful and empowering. Life skills that can be transferred to all aspects of life’
‘I really enjoyed it – lots of helpful techniques and information’