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Supporting parents to achieve what matters most to them

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PIP aims to offer Croydon parent carers of children with special needs or disabilities opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge as well as explore issues with other families in similar situations.
We have put together a varied & cost-free programme of regular, interactive & informative sessions, workshops and training. 
Our offers are shaped by the most common issues raised by Croydon parent carers and are regularly updated to respond to local needs.

Most of our workshops can be adapted to suit specific needs and can be brought directly to community groups, schools and settings where local parent carers meet. We are also happy to deliver a range of workshops to professionals working with local families.
Phone or email us to tell us what you really need or want.

Information Sessions


PiP info sessions are scheduled monthly and cover an array of topics where specific information & guidance is needed by parent carers. The short and informal sessions often are presented by an expert speaker in particular area. They are a great opportunity to gain information, ask questions and find further guidance and support that may be required. The sessions holistically join information sharing, problem solving and group support. 

Topics include:
Mental Capacity Act, Wills and Trusts, Welfare and Benefits, Preparing for Adulthood, Transitions between schools, SEN support, Sexuality & Relationships.

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PiP workshops offer the opportunity to learn in an interactive, creative & informal environment, whilst creating a space to meet other parent carers and share ideas.                  
By being in direct and regular contact with families, we understand that parent carers are faced with different issues and seek fresh approaches.

Our workshops are designed to develop specific skills. They can last from 3 hours to half a day. We encourage active participation, ensuring that fun and inspirational activities keep everyone engaged. PiP workshops create a unique, productive space where tried and tested strategies used by professionals from the SEND field meet life lived experiences of parent carers.

Self Advocacy
Solution Circles
Tune in with your child; communication, motivation, beat frustration
Person Centred Approach

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Our cost free training courses and events provide a platform to explore issues, raise awareness and give practical skills to use in the future, benefitting both - the parent carer and the cared for.
Made of Money

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