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PIP Transition Workshops


This is a call-out for your feedback to inform the content of our planned transition sessions.

Pip is preparing a series of transition workshops later this year and I would be very interested in your views regarding the proposed sessions.

Moving into adulthood can be a daunting prospect for both the parent and for the young person as they move from familiar territory into something very different.

It is important to start thinking about it as early as possible so that:

1. You are as informed as you can be about the options available for your child when they leave school.
2. Planning can begin from year 8 and the transition can be made as smooth as possible.
3. You are prepared for the changes that occur from the ages of 16 or 18 e.g. legislation and benefits.
4. There is less stress and more time to think about what you and your child want for the future.

The workshops will be for parents of a child from year 8 (12-13 years old) and upwards and it is important that the topics are relevant to you.

Each session will run for 3 hours with a break included and will run from 10am – 1pm at the Carer’s Support Centre.

The attached document gives suggested dates, but these are subject to the Covid-19 restrictions.

I would be grateful if you would kindly send me your feedback and suggestions so that we can ensure these sessions fully meet your needs. A PDF Mindmap and a more detailed word document are attached.