Facebook Group

Facebook Group

We realise that not everybody is able to leave home and join a support group.We also are aware that often the need for information and support is needed imminently.

To expand the offer of local support, we have a closed Facebook group for Croydon parent carers.

The group allows for posting information, family events, links to helpful websites and confidentially sharing experiences, raising questions.The strength of the group is the shared knowledge and experiences of parents who live in Croydon; over 100 local parents are supporting each other every day in a safe and confidential way!

To join our closed PiP Croydon Facebook Group email us with your request or click here

It's very helpful - I can see many more mums have the same things to deal with, but they share their experience and you feel you are not the only one... plus professional guidance makes it easier to handle and you feel less stressed. Everyone is so helpful and kind.
Croydon Mum