Mainstream School Offer

Mainstream School Offer for Pupils with SEND

All mainstream state funded schools have a responsibility to make appropriate full-time provision for all its pupils including those with SEND.

For the majority of pupils with SEND, this provision can be met from funding that is delegated directly to schools and through making reasonable adjustments.

Delegated school funding includes the basic entitlement (Element 1) based on the age and number of pupils attending and the notional SEND budget (Element 2), additional funding which can be targeted to make SEND provision for groups and individual pupils with SEND.

The government’s expectation is that the notional SEND budget will provide funding to enable schools to spend up to £6000 on individual pupils.

This guidance forms part of Croydon’s Local Offer for SEND and sets out the expectations on SEND provision that all schools in Croydon should make available from delegated funding and to make reasonable adjustments.