Parent carer needs assessment

What is it?

If you live in Croydon and are a parent carer of a child/young person aged 0-18 with a disability and have parental responsibility, you have the right to request a parent carer needs assessment. The assessment will consider:

  • Your individual needs as a parent carer
  • Things that could make looking after your child easier for you
  • Your well-being as a parent carer
  • The need to safeguard and promote the welfare of your disabled child
  • The need to safeguard and promote the welfare of any other children that you care for

The needs will then be collated into a Parent Carer Support Plan for you.

What support might a parent carer and their family get?

The assessment will consider your needs as a parent carer, but it will not lead to a direct service or budget for a service. It will help identify support available for you and your family, from Local Authority services or other local agencies. This will be written into your Parent Carer Support Plan.


Examples of support

  1. You may feel that the needs of your child with a disability impacts on your other children, and that you are unable to offer them the time and attention you would like. The plan may identify a referral to young carers or sibling support , where they can meet with other young people who have a sibling with a disability
  2. If you have health or mental health needs, a referral could be made to adult services for support in your own right
  3. You may feel that you would benefit from your child with a disability attending activities outside the home. This would allow them to have new experiences and allow you to have a break from your caring role. An application for short breaks might be appropriate.


How to request a parent carer needs assessment

Parents in Partnership are commissioned by Croydon Council to handle requests and assessments. You can make a request by:

  • In exceptional circumstances you may email us the following details; your name, address, telephone number and details of your child/children with a disability. Let us know a convenient time to call you back between 10am – 5pm. Contact

(Please note, all requests and subsequent assessments will be recorded and stored electronically under your child’s name.)


The assessment

We will call you back within five working days, to discuss how you would like to complete the assessment. Due to Covid 19 all assessments will be made by telephone.

The assessment form has two parts:

  • The first section asks for details of the additional caring responsibilities you have, as a parent of a child with a disability
  • The second section considers the impact of these caring responsibilities on you

At the end of the assessment, we will agree whether:

  • A Parent Carer Support Plan should be drawn up and what it should include. For example:
    • Signposting to support services and advice on agencies you can approach yourself
    • Making an application for a short break for your child
    • Parents in Partnership to refer the plan to Children’s Social Care
  • There is no further action needed


How long does the assessment process take?

The process will take no more than 40 working days, from first contact with Parents in Partnership to the end of assessment and creation of a plan (if needed).