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For families of a disabled or vulnerable child it’s important to consider how to provide for that child if you are no longer there to care for them.
Having an up to date Will in place goes some way to protect them, but it also has the potential to create further problems.
For example, leaving a lump sum to a disabled person may put them in a vulnerable position or could result in their means tested benefits being affected.

The session will look at will how Wills and Trusts can be used to protect the vulnerable and ensure benefits are not lost.

Why it is necessary to make a Will?
How you can protect a disabled person using Wills and Trusts
Guardians for minor children
Executors and Trustees
Letters of Wishes & Gifts

Why Use a Trust?
When should you set up a Trust?
How to protect means tested benefits

Trusts explained
Life interest Trusts
Discretionary Trusts
Disabled Person’s Trust