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Info2Throughout our work we are often told that information is difficult to find and access.
We have realised that ‘Information’ can be a bit of a catch-all term. It often may feel both very important, but also generic and vague and so having access to ‘information’ may still be far from helping you to have the knowledge to make decisions.

At PIP we are keen to help parents make sense of the ‘information’ overload. We do this by:
• identifying and providing you with correct and quality sources of easily accessible information,
• depicting jargon,
• interpreting information,
• navigating through the complex system of education, social care and health,
• signposting to organisations who can provide you with free legal advice and support,
• signposting you to local organisations that you may find supportive.

We are happy to help you and if we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who knows. If you are struggling, contact us.

We have also been involved in creating the Croydon Local Offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ for finding out information about SEND provision in Croydon. You can access Croydon Local Offer here

We have also produced a few guides to help you understand your and your child’s rights, you can access them here.