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It was from a group of parents that met together in 1992 that Parents in Partnership (PIP) first began. Their aim was to find out about the services available to families of children with additional needs and disabilities and share their knowledge among other parent carers, ensuring that information was more easily available. They also aspired to use their knowledge to influence decision makers within the local authority as to the services that would be most beneficial to families like themselves.

As this group of parents grew, they became regarded as experts in their field and so the responsibilities of PIP evolved to what it is today but the same mission of the organisation remained unchanged. PIP took on charity status and became a limited company in 2002 in order to have a wider access to grants to fund the on-going and growing offer of support for local SEND community.

PIP is a registered charity 1092969 and a limited company 4269285.

PIP is governed by a board of trustees who, in majority, are parents of children and young people with disabilities. The trustees are responsible for the running of the charity and must fulfil duties under Charity and Company law.