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At Parents in Partnership, Croydon we understand the many complex issues and situations that parent/carers of children and young people with disabilities and special needs come across on a daily basis.
We work in partnership with a diverse range of families in Croydon to ensure the best possible access to information, support, services and training.We do this through effective teamwork and close collaboration with schools, the local authority and other service providers.
Our aim is to offer opportunities to parent carers and to encourage them to speak up for themselves, realise their potential and improve their quality of life. At the heart of what we do is an unwavering belief in the importance of children and young people leading happy, fulfilled lives.
Our values:

We strive to be:

  1. Independent.
    We treat our position of being trusted by parent/carers with utmost respect. Our independence is key to this, so we are independent of both public and private sectors and not take on projects that compromise our integrity as an independent organisation.
  2. Parent-Carer Specialist.
    We believe that issues of families with children and young people with disabilities and special needs are complex and require specialised expertise. We focus exclusively in this area and strive to develop and promote best practice in all aspects of what we do.
  3. Professional.
    We maintain the highest possible standards of operation, employ staff with the appropriate skills and experience and provide quality and reliable and inclusive services.
  4. Motivational.
    We believe caring problems should not be a barrier to a fulfilled life and full involvement in the community. We empower and motivate parent/carers to speak up for themselves, realise their potential and take advantage of all available opportunities.
  5. Outcomes focused.
    We believe the only way to judge services is the changes that users of the service report in their own lives. We measure success by focusing on personalised outcomes jointly agreed with parent/carers. We find positive and creative ways to help them achieve these outcomes.
  6. Representative.
    We represent wishes and opinions of parent/carers in a non-judgemental way, respectful of peoples’ needs, views and experiences.
    Through the means of the Parent Forum we take a group representation approach to challenge poor practice and stigma and influence positive change in Croydon.
  7. Respectful / fair.
    We treat everyone who comes into contact with the organisation (including parent-carers, staff and other stakeholders) with respect. We do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or for any other reason.
  8. Good communication.
    We listen to parent/carers carefully and engage with empathy. Progress, change and agreed plans will be documented. We will fully consult and communicate with all stakeholders on decisions and change.
  9. Confidential.
    We have a clear policy on confidentiality and data protection that ensures that information shared with us remains confidential within the organisation and explains circumstances under which confidentiality might be breached.